IDR 34,250,000


The Nord Electro 4 series features the B3 tone wheel organ engine from our flagship organ Nord C2D and includes a redesigned Key Click simulation and the Rotary Speaker simulation of a vintage 122 unit with a great new overdrive. The percussion model has been improved to offer increased control over the percussion levels when playing near-legato. The vibrato and chorus scanners have been modeled to be just as alive as the tone wheels. The Farfisa and Vox models are just as impressive as the B3, simulating the behavior and unique response of the original instruments. Combine these transistor organs with any of the Amp simulations, add some distortion, adjust the EQ and they will get you through any organ gig with flying colors. The Nord Electro 4 HP sports our Digital LED Drawbars. The organ can be split, for compact dual manual action and you can assign the lower manual to a second MIDI keyboard. The Nord Electro 4 series come loaded with amazing sounds from the Nord Piano Library, including Grand, Upright and Electrical Pianos, Clavinet and Harpsichords. The entire Nord Piano Library is included on DVDs and new additions can be downloaded free. The Long Release feature is suitable for legato playing styles and the String Resonance (Gen 1) feature on Grand and Upright Pianos can be turned off. The Nord Electro 4 series support the Nord Sample Library, giving you access to exclusively licensed Mellotron and Chamberlin sounds and sounds from leading sample producers. The included Nord Sample Editor makes it possible to add any sound you want to your Electro 4 and has tools to get the results you want. Mapping several samples across the keyboard or creating seamless loops is easy. Our efficient, lossless compression algorithm makes it's possible to fit samples up to three times the size compared to standard linear sample players. The Nord Electro 4 Effect section features great, tweakable effects for instantly adding some dirt, glimmer or atmosphere to your sound.