IDR 1,674,000



If you want to go beyond enjoying music and videos to creating your
own, you need a speaker system with accurate sound. Top musicians,
producers, and engineers trust M-Audio studio speakers to create their
hits—and now the compact AV 30 speakers bring this professional legacy
to your home. Unlike plastic multimedia speakers, AV 30s use proven
M-Audio technology to deliver full-range sound, from crystal-clear
highs, to deep, rich bass tones. They’re perfect for creating media in
small spaces—and also provide a superior experience when enjoying CDs,
MP3s, DVDs, and games.

Professional components for superior results

We build the AV 30s with the same quality materials and precision
electronics as our acclaimed M-Audio professional studio speakers. The
audiophile-grade Class A/B amplifier architecture, ferrofluid-cooled
silk cone tweeters, polypropylene-coated woofers, and dense wooden
enclosures add up to big, defined sound that defies the speakers' small

Clear, cohesive sound

The AV 30 speakers use proprietary OptImage wave guide
technology—originally developed for the professional M-Audio speaker
line—to deliver superior clarity and detail. Each speaker also features a
precision-engineered crossover, which ensures that the sound emanating
from the low-frequency driver will blend seamlessly with the sound from
the high-frequency driver—so those deep lows transition smoothly into
crystal-clear highs.

Extended low end

If you crave bass, the AV 30s have you covered. With wooden cabinets
and bass reflex design, the AV 30s kick out serious low
frequencies—perfect for producing hip-hop and electronic music, or
enjoying your favorite CDs, MP3s, DVDs, and games.