IDR 4,725,000


Add a professional edge to your project studio with the M-Track Quad
from M-Audio. Four flexible inputs accommodate any source, from
phantom-powered microphones to your favorite guitar. Plus, each input
comes equipped with its own insert jack for integrating your favorite
effects. M-Track Quad provides zero-latency monitoring of the input
signal for carefree recording. Four outputs deliver versatile playback
options. The front panel also offers a headphone output with dedicated
level control. In addition to outstanding audio performance, M-Track
Quad also features MIDI in and out jacks. M-Track Quad connects to your
computer via USB and also acts as a powered hub with three additional
USB ports. Completing this powerful package are two complementary
software selections: Avid Pro Tools Express and Ignite by AIR. Together,
they deliver a comprehensive path for transforming the ideas in your
head into a finished piece of music.