IDR 1,430,000


Key station Mini 32 is a simple, powerful MIDI controller designed for
sequencing music and playing virtual instruments on the go. It features
32 velocity-sensitive synth-action keys and a series of controls that
expand the range of playable notes and expressive capabilities. Use the
pitch-bend, modulation, and sustain buttons to create dynamic
performances or productions with your Mac or PC. Plus, onboard octave
controls allow you to access the full melodic keyboard range to play
anything from bass lines to piano harmony to lead melodies. For an
easy-to-use and portable setup, Key station Mini 32 is USB-powered,
class-compliant, and supports USB-MIDI connectivity. Plus, Key station
Mini 32 supports iOS connectivity with the Apple iPad Camera Connection
Kit (sold separately), enabling you to perform and compose with audio
apps on your iPad and other iOS devices. Bundled with Key station Mini
32 is AIR Music Technology's Ignite software. With this intuitive music
creation platform, you can capture your ideas quickly with professional
results. Individual musical ideas are captured as phrases, simply called
"clips." Multiple clips can be played back together, or even grouped to
create more complex phrases and song sections. Included with Ignite are
over 275 remarkable instrument sounds developed by AIR Music
Technology. Also included with Key station Mini 32 is Ableton Live
Lite-one of the most popular performance and production programs
available in the world. A powerful music creation tool, Ableton Live
Lite enables you to spontaneously compose, record, remix, improvise and
edit musical ideas in a fluid audio/MIDI environment. Explore sonic
possibilities in real time whether on stage or in the studio. Key
station Mini 32 can interface with Ableton Live to extend performance
and production capabilities. When you are satisfied with your work,
Ableton Live Lite lets you save it or mix it down.