IDR 7,960,500


If you're a keyboard player of a certain age, the release of a new analogue mono synth — especially if it has a keyboard sticking out of the front of it — is something to get excited about. Sometimes that excitement is justified, and sometimes it isn't. However, there seems to be something a bit special about the Arturia MiniBrute. Obviously, it's not the name, which sounds like an aftershave for 14-year-olds. It's the company's statement that they have gambled that the MiniBrute will be a commercial success and have geared up production accordingly, producing it in volume and passing the economies of scale on to the end user. Consequently, the MiniBrute lies bang in the middle of the price band that includes second-hand Roland SH09s and SH101s, as well as ARP Axxes and Explorers, and it's cheaper than a second-hand Roland SH1, ARP ProSoloist, or even something as modest as a Korg MS10. The fact that it hails from a plug-in manufacturer moving into analogue hardware (rather than the other way around) just adds to the intrigue. Are you excited yet?