IDR 2,670,000


Professional Monitoring for Any Studio.

Alesis has been creating studio monitors for over two decades, and,
in that time, we’ve learned a thing or two about maximizing sound and
sonic clarity. Elevate 6, a professional active studio monitor from
Alesis, builds upon this time-tested technology by leveraging premium
audio components with a response that can keep up with today’s music.
With a high-quality reference monitor design, Elevate 6 helps you
record, mix, listen, and create with confidence.


The Alesis Elevate 6 is an active, bi-amplified (50+25 Watts) studio
monitor that delivers a flat frequency response, clear stereo imaging,
and excellent bass transient response for professional mixing and
monitoring. Equipped with a 6” woven Kevlar low-frequency driver, 1”
natural silk dome tweeter, and precison-calibrated dual amplifiers,
Elevate 6 delivers high-powered sound that stays accurate and clean
across a wide frequency range. Its enhanced elliptical waveguides widen
the sweet spot for consistent, stereo listening and enable you to make
adjustments to your mix that translate perfectly to any playback system.
Plus, the baffle radiuses were meticulously designed to reduce edge
diffraction. The result is clean transparent sound that enables you to
mix, accurately.


Elevate 6 comes with an onboard HF- and LF-trim switches, giving you a
professional reference monitor setup that adapts to your production
environment. With -2db, 0db, and 2db settings, you can quickly adjust
Elevate 6 to fit the acoustics of any sized room or studio, especially
when it's situated close to a studio wall. A balanced XLR+1/4" combo
input and an unbalanced RCA input connect Elevate 6 to your favorite
audio equipment. Elevate 6 is ERP-compliant and has an automatic
shut-off feature that powers down the monitor when it's not in use.