IDR 1,700,000



The MPD218 is a MIDI-over-USB pad controller perfect for producers,
programmers, musicians and DJs alike. Its intuitive blend of MPC
controls and technologies mesh with easy USB connectivity to bring the
feel of classic beat making into the world of computer music production.

Experience the Difference

First, we stepped up our game by adding new, ultra sensitive Thick Fat
MPC pads, creating an amazingly responsive user experience. The MPD218
also has an expanded control set of six knobs in three banks versus one
control on the previous MPD18 model. This will enable you to maximize
your sound and give you increased control over effects.

MIDI information is sent over its plug-and-play USB interface for use
on Mac or PC, eliminating the need to install any drivers. The USB
connection powers the MPD218 so the included USB cable is all you need.