IDR 720,000


Produce with personality.

Measuring in at just 13 inches, LPD8 is a USB MIDI pad controller
that's meant to escape the boundaries of your studio. It weighs less
than a pound, will easily fit into a laptop case, backpack, or messenger
bag, and gives you great-feeling pads and simple parameter controls so
you can make music wherever you are.

Lose the Mouse, Forget the Keyboard

Music was never meant to be created with a mouse and computer keyboard.
With LPD8, you’re no longer limited to making music in a stiff,
non-musical way. Pound out new beats on LPD8's drum pads. Add and tweak
effects using LPD8's Q-Link knobs. LPD8 provides a satisfying production
experience that travels with you.

Production in your Pocket

LPD8 is based on Akai Professional’s MPC line of iconic music
production workstations. The backlit pads are velocity-sensitive,
perfect for programming rhythmic or melodic parts. Send note
information, MIDI CCs, or program changes from the pads to your
software, and assign each of the eight Q-Link knobs to control any