IDR 7,000,000


Control anything from any time.

MAX49 from Akai Professional places revolutionary MIDI and CV control
at your fingertips. With an intuitive layout and included Ableton Live
Lite, AkaiConnect, and Ignite software, MAX49 offers instant, powerful
creative capabilities. From its 49 semi-weighted keys and 12 real MPC
pads, to its groundbreaking LED touch faders and built-in 32-note step
sequencer, MAX49 combines cutting-edge Akai Pro technology with classic
capability to give you an unprecedented music-making experience.

Cutting-edge LED Touch Faders

MAX49 is one of the most unique controllers ever engineered. Right away
you'll notice one of its most distinguishing features: four banks of
eight backlit LED touch faders, allowing you to assign up to 32 control
parameters. You can use MAX49's LED touch faders just like analog faders
by simply dragging your finger up and down along their touch strips, or
you can perform instant leaps in any MIDI value from zero to maxed out
and everything in between—an unprecedented, unmatched controller

Built-in Step Sequencer

Akai Professional’s MAX25
and MAX49 are the only keyboard controllers available that include a
built-in step sequencer. MAX49’s touch faders combine with the built-in
step sequencer to offer even more innovative performance capabilities.
Control four banks of eight steps each, crating patterns up to 32 steps.
The step sequencer can be assigned to MIDI parameters or the CV/Gate
outputs, and the touch faders give you real-time editing control over
modulation, filters, key changes, and effects. Create instant arpeggios
by swiping your finger horizontally across the faders, and easily
activate and deactivate steps using the button beneath each fader.