IDR 3,185,000


One convenient box to connect all of your music gear to your computer.

The EIE is all about plug and play convenience. With the EIE tabletop
USB audio interface from Akai Professional, you can connect virtually
any musical instrument or piece of production gear to your computer.
With three convenient USB inputs in addition to its main USB port, EIE
enables you to connect controllers, hard drives or any other peripheral
to your computer when native ports may be limited. This compact, 16-bit
recording interface contains high-quality components including
nickel-plated input jacks, analog-style VU meters and a rugged aluminum
casing for a powerful, professional, portable audio solution. The EIE
can be used with virtually any music software program like GarageBand or
Pro Tools and connects plug-and-play to Macs or PCs; there is no driver
installation required.