AIAIAI TMA-1 Young Guru Edition

IDR 3,915,000


Delivering high-quality audio, Young Guru and AIAIAI have created the TMA-1 Studio Young Guru Edition headphones. Young Guru and AIAIAI aim to make an outstanding pair of headphones for the on-the-go producer and sound engineer. The TMA-1 Studio Young Guru headphones are a durable piece of equipment that delivers high-quality audio in the studio and on the road.

Young Guru is a Grammy-award winning sound engineer who has worked with Jay-Z, Alicia Keys and Drake among others. Merging the worlds of forward-thinking hip hop production with Danish audio design, and fusing culture, sound and design in the process, the collaboration sees the celebrated sound engineer make his unique mark on our new studio headphones. It's a project that combines different approaches to sound and couples enthusiasts out to explore the potential within audio and headphone design.